Written Assignment

  • Written Assessment 1 to be submitted within 6 weeks of attending course
  • Written Assessment 2 to be submitted within 3 months of attending course

Part 1 - Practical Exam Lesson Plan

  • Lesson plan for your chosen level from the level 1 or 2 curriculum
  • You will need to submit your planned session plan prior to the practical exam.
  • Write an introduction with the approximate stage / week of learning this class will be at (ie. what they would have previously covered) and whether on static or spin
  • This assignment must detail warm up, including reasons for each component and note any exercises included to prepare for specific pole moves.
  • For each Pole move state details of start positions, actions, grip points, muscle engagement, head & body positions; Cues given; Possible modifications and reason you might give them; Spotting / assist if necessary; Give appropriate information for contact points, forces , body position & movement direction
  • If you divert or change the taught class for any reason please explain after the assessment the reason for the change.

Part 2 - Additional Full Lesson Plan

  • Create a full lesson plan for the level not examined on in the practical exam.
  • Include introduction, detailed warmup and pole move details as for Practical Exam Lesson Plan
Your files will all be in your personal Google Drive but you can also
Download Lesson Plan Example Format in Excel or PDF Format
  • You may design your own if preferred

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