To be able to deliver pole dance / fitness sessions designed for participation by groups of clients with a range of ages and fitness level.

To teach with progressive learning and cater to and modify for individuals within the class.

  • Demonstrate ability to conduct a Pre-exercise screening
  • Understand the importance of student and teacher safety
  • Understand the importance of a relationship with and responsibilities to clients
  • Monitor client participation with progressive content and within parameters of knowledge and skill obtained through qualification.
  • Develop safe, effective, appropriate lesson plans tailored to specific levels
  • Demonstrate ability to deliver exercise inclusive of demonstrating, instructing, monitoring, reviewing and modifying program content including technique, method and progression
  • Understand the importance of incident reporting


  • Learning Styles
  • Communication
  • What makes a good teacher?
  • Teaching tips and techniques
  • Warmup & Lesson Preparation

Anatomy- includes pole specific applications

  • Physics, Planes and Definitions of movement
  • Shoulder Anatomy
  • The Core & Spine
  • Movement Considerations
  • Common injuries and contraindications; Referring to medical or allied health professionals for guidance when appropriate

Pole Moves

  • Level 1 - Beginner Static
  • Level 2 - Basic Spin
  • Instruction & Teaching Tips
  • Includes video demonstration
  • Grip Points & Body Position
  • Common Faults 
  • Modifications Variations & Progressions
  • Pre-requisites

Additional Content

  • Set of Pilates Matwork Classes
  • Pilates Resistance Band Classes
  • Cardio Blaster/ Warmup video.

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